A quality pellet ensures the highest calorific value and permanently high condition of your boiler.

Pellet is an ecological fuel compressed from wooden biomass without additional binders.

How to choose pellets?

The easiest way how to choose the pellets is to check the pellet class. According to the current standards we distinguish three classes A1, A2 a B. You can find also manufacturers who do not classify their goods according to any standard – these are mainly producers from Ukraine, Russia etc.

If you are looking for the highest quality, look for pellets certified by The European Enplus A1 certificate.

However, even in the pellets of Enplus A1 class, there are differences in the quality of individual producers. Some distributors even resort to practise of issuing pellets of non-certified producers of lower quality as Enplus A1 pellets. We therefore recommend buying pellets directly from the manufacturer, where you can verify the origin of the pellets.

Pellets of lower classes do not necessarily have to be of poor quality, but they achieve lower calorific value and other monitored values such as the amount of abrasion, mechanical resistance of the pellets, the amount of bark and other impurities.

Furthermore, they can also be so-called agropellets, for the production of which biomass is generated by agricultural activities (such as straw) was used. These pellets have significantly lower calorific value and other negative properties such as increased sintering in the boiler.

Advantages of quality pellets

Calorific value

A parameter which shows how much heat (MJ) you get from a kilogram of pellets. The difference in calorific value between quality and low-quality pellets is up to 30 %. Quality pellets are burned almost completely and only less than 1 % of the ash remains. It is caused by a fact that most of the volume of the pellets is converted to heat. Certified pellets are regularly tested for calorific value so that the costumer always knows that he gets a guaranteed amount of the heat for the money he spends for the pellets.

Mechanical durability

The quality pellet is resistant to mechanical stress and contains a standard limited amount of abrasion - fragments and sawdust, which crumbles from the pellets during handling. Cheap pellets with low mechanical resistance are crushed into more fine dust and sawdust, which then contaminates the mechanism in your boiler and is not burned or burned inefficiently, which again loses money because you get little heat energy from the pellets.

Raw material

Quality raw material with stable properties without bark and impurities is the basis of quality pellets. Cheap pellets are usually made from the cheapest material which manufacturers use to buy regardless of the variety or properties of the wood. They then do not have an optimally set production line for the same type of sawdust and thus achieve unstable quality. For you as a costumer it means that your boiler behaves in a different way with each bag filling which results in imperfect combustion and losing money. Even worse is the formation of lumps in the boiler and huge difficulties with their removal.

Certified producers are also monitored in terms of storage of pellets and input raw materials. The pellets are thus not contaminated by external impurities. However, cheap pellets are formed in unsuitable conditions, pellets can be contaminated with clay and other admixtures, which can lead to boiler failures or the formation of lumps.

Why VOSTOK pellets?

  • Local source of sawdust – quality Slovakian debarked spruce
  • Quality Italian production technology
  • Using 100 % ecological energy in the production process
  • Top quality guaranteed by Enplus A1 certificate

Benefits for you

  • Favorable price for the highest quality pellets
  • High calorific value
  • Easy handling
  • Minimum as residue – maximum benefit from pellets
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy and economical storage


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