The best raw materials,
Top production technologies,
Many years of experience.

TOP Enplus A1 certificated pellets - we have been producing the pellets more than 8 years under our brand VOSTOK as well as for distributors of premium European brands. You can benefit from the experience we have gained working for our prestigious clients and purchase pellets of stable excellent quality.

We buy only spruce wood from Slovak forests in the form of sawdust from debarked logs from the best sawmills in Slovakia. Thanks to the use of Slovak wood, we are also able to offer the highest quality pellets for a very attractive price.

We built the production line on basis of an Italian technology which is probably the highest quality machinery enabling the production of quality solid pellets with no abrasion. We have been retrofitting and tuning the technology to spruce sawdust to be able to stably supply our costumers with pellets of the highest achievable quality.

The plant is located in southern Slovakia in Energy Centre Želovce and operates on 100% ecological energy. We produce pellets exported to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and other countries under the brands of leading European distributors as well as under our own brand VOSTOK PREMIUM.

Manufacturing process


Spruce sawdust at the entrance contains about 30-70% water (depending on season). However, a stable sawdust moisture of up to 12 - 13 % is required to produce top-quality pellets. Therefore, we dry the sawdust at temperature up to 90°C, which, in contrast of commonly used drum dryers, does not burn the sawdust and does not reduce the calorific value. We supply heat from the biogas power station to the dryer therefore, the whole production is highly ecological process.


We use two stages of crushing. In the first stage the sawdust is homogenized with a hammer crusher so that they can then be dried equally. After drying the sawdust, we adjust it in the shredder to the required size and fineness in order to achieve required stable parameters of the pellets even with different properties of input sawdust.


The most important part of the whole process is pressing. The pellet enters the press through a conditioner where it is finally prepared for precise moisture and is then forced through high pressure through matrix into the desired shape. Due to the temperature generated during the pressing process and the high pressure, the pellets hold the desired shape without the addition of any binders. Thanks to the high care we take of the entire production process, our pellets have a mechanical resistance of over 99,5 %.


The finished pellets cool down first, then they are free of dust and abrasion, and then we pack them into 15kg bags for you and store them safely in a covered warehouse.


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